Our Trustees

About our Board of Trustees

Our Trustees have overall responsibility for our Setting, and employ childcare staff to ensure each child is safe, looked after and well-educated. All having diverse backgrounds, most of the Trustees are ex-parents and have assumed their roles through our Parents’ Committee; others have specific sets of skills and backgrounds that they bring to the management of the Group. Each Trustee is also a Director of Tweenie Tots 2 Community Childcare Services Ltd., the official Company arm of the Group.

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the Group adheres to local and national laws/byelaws, for maintaining a sustainable budget and for the management of staff members. Each Trustee has a particular role, but together share ultimate responsibility for the decisions and actions of the Board as a whole.

Who are the Trustees?

The Board is made up of 5 Trustees, who gain support of the Local Education Authority and other organisations in matters concerning safeguarding of children, health & safety, employment practices etc. They are:

Mr. Luke Rimmer (Chairperson & Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs. Joanne Helm
Mrs. Victoria Kley
Mrs. Natalie Fitzsimmons
Mrs. Emma Horrocks

What’s Involved?

A helpful guide to Charity Trustees, as produced by HM Government, can be found by following the link below.

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Important Note

Tweenies Tots 2 is, and always will be, a not-for-profit organisation. This means that our Trustees receive no financial renumeration (or ‘pay’) for their time, work and effort. Everything that our Trustees give to the Group is volunteered freely by them.